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Monthly Archives: January 2018

ChampCar.Sim League Pacific Region

Introducing the Pacific Division of the 2018 ChampCar Sim Series

Introducing the Pacific Division of the 2018 ChampCar Sim Series ChampCar Sim Series is pleased to announce the start of the 2018 Champcar Sim Series: Pacific Division. The aim of this championship is to run in parallel with the existing 2018 championship but with sessions in a timeslot suitable for west coast participants. All sessions, […]

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Charlotte Motor Speedway announces ChampCar Track Layout

Charlotte Motor Speedway announces ChampCar Track Layout Today, ChampCar Endurance Series and Charlotte Motor Speedway announced the track layout for the upcoming Racing Radios Grand Prix at Charlotte Motor Speedway 14-hour race on April 21, 2018. With the announcement that NASCAR would be running a roval at Charlotte in the 2018 fall Chase schedule, ChampCar […]

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ChampCar.sim Round 1 – Road Atlanta Final

Thursday evening saw Round 1 of the ChampCar.Sim series visiting Road Atlanta. The race was led by Evan Merrill2, John Hurley, David Haines, and the ultimate winner, Wyatt Foster. Wyatt dominated the practice sessions and continued that into the final. You can watch the race here 2018 Round 1 Road Atlanta Final Results For […]

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ChampCar has partnered with Circuit Studies for driver training webinars Mike Skeen and Johan Schwartz have teamed up to share their expertise for driving some of the world’s best race tracks in convenient, affordable, online presentations. These webinars are for both the rookie driver that needs a good baseline and the seasoned racer looking for a couple of extra tenths. The presentations all come […]

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ChampCar Shop Talk, Sponsor Edition visits RVA Graphics & Wraps

Mike Chisek and Bill Strong headed to Richmond, Virginia to talk with Justin Andress, the owner of RVA Graphics & Wraps about their 2017 season, qualifying for the National Championship and how their 2018 season looks. Have an idea for your race car, trailer, tow truck, or toolbox? Call them for a free quote! 804.355.1568 […]

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