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Monthly Archives: June 2019

2019 NCM Motorsports Park Double 8+7-Hour Results and Videos

Friday Load-in and Tech Photos Saturday Race 1 Start images Saturday results and timing Race 1 Saturday 8-hour – Podium Cars 1. #111 RVAGFX 1989 BMW 325 C-Class2. #6 Basil Weenie 1990 Mazda Miata EcoTech B-Class3. #901 Motorsports 1990 325is C-class4.#923 Rebbin is racin 1992 BMW 325i C-Class5. #890 E Racing 1986 BMW 325 C-Class […]

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The Indy Grand Prix Course Layout Update

Recently the subject of our course configuration came up and I sought the input of Indy officials. While we, of our own accord, initially intended to run the Moto GP course in a clockwise configuration (Moto GP runs this course counter-clockwise), Indy strongly recommended that we run the Indy GP course instead.

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NCM Motorsports Park 8+7 Final Email sent to team captains.

Bring a fan, this one is hot.  It’s time for NCM! Who would have thought that Kentucky is hotter than Texas or Georgia in June?  Bring the ice and lots of water, I’ll have our Coolshirt tank running for everyone again.  We’ve got another large field on a great track so the racing action should […]

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