A Mutual Benefit Organization, 501(c)(7)


Whereas, Article IV, Section 4 of the Bylaws authorizes terms of Directors to serve for 3 years: and

Whereas, the current Board of Directors consists of 2 Directors whose terms expire on December 31, 2018; and

Whereas, Article IV, Section 5 mandates the process for placing eligible full members for nomination to the Board of Directors; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that on September 1, 2018 the nomination process for 2 Directors will be opened and subsequentially closed on September 30, 2018

This resolution and authorization was adopted on 12:00PM EST, September 1, 2018

The process for nominations to the ballot are as follows:

Section 5. Nominations by Full Members. Full members may nominate a Director by petition. At least 5 full members are required to nominate one (1) Director candidate by petition. The petition must be signed by those members no earlier than the 60th day or no later than the 30th day before the time the Director is to be elected, and delivered to an officer of the corporation. No nominations for the Board can be made after the date set for the close of nominations. On timely receipt of the petition signed by the required number of members, the Secretary shall cause the names of the candidates named on it to be placed on the ballot.


I, Richard L. Waldrop, certify the following: I am the Secretary of ChumpCar International, Inc. (“CCII”);

and The CCII Board of Directors at 12:00PM EST, 9/1/2018 adopted the Resolution and Authorization(s).

FOR THE BOARD, AND IN WITNESS THEREOF, I hereby set my hand this September 1, 2018.

/s/ Richard L. Waldrop

Richard L. Waldrop, Secretary –CCII

9-1-18 Board Election Authorization PDF