Per the BOD the 2020 BCCR has been updated to Version 3. Changes in the back of the BCCR and below. The swap form has also been updated.


updated by wds 3/5/2020
Page 15 – 4.5.8. removed as it is already covered in 4.7.8.  – 
4.5.8. Vehicles can use any differential gear / final drive gear for that vehicle’s same model and chassis generation.  (i.e. – A 1988 BMW 325i may use any differential gear offered from a 1985-1991 BMW 325i)

4.5.3.  OE to manifold Any OE exhaust manifold from a vehicle on the VPI Early/Late List can be used on a swapped engine for zero (0) points. Aftermarket headers will be 25 points on all vehicles regardless of fitment issues. Effective on July 1st, 2020.

Swap Form updated with text for header points –
See 25-points for aftermarket headers.

Updated BCCR version – 3.0.0.