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Endurance Racing ChampCar Financial Report

2018 ChampCar Financial Statement Greetings ChampCar Members: The year 2018 was an exciting one for the ChampCar Endurance Series. Implementing our name change only a month prior to the start of the year, we have officially completed our first full year with the new title. The season kicked off at Road Atlanta where 84 cars battled for the […]

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2018 Board of Director Elections

ChampCar Endurance Series : 2018 Board of Directors Election Two seats are up for election. The following candidates are wanting your vote. Please read their biographies below. When complete, please visit our voting booth where you can vote for two of the four candidates. Vote Here _______________________________ Board of Director Candidates Jerry Enger I’m Jerry […]

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2018 Board of Directors Election Authorization

Resolution/Authorization  BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF CHUMPCAR INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED,  A Mutual Benefit Organization, 501(c)(7) 9/1/18 Whereas, Article IV, Section 4 of the Bylaws authorizes terms of Directors to serve for 3 years: and Whereas, the current Board of Directors consists of 2 Directors whose terms expire on December 31, 2018; and Whereas, Article IV, Section 5 […]

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ChumpCar International Inc. 2017 Financial Report Released

ChumpCar International Inc. 2017 Financial Report Released The ChumpCar International Inc. Board of Directors today released the 2017 financial report. You can view it here CCES BOD Information, reports, and links – Board of Directors

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Board of Directors – 2019 Petition Review

Some of you have some ideas for improvement around here. Time to let everyone know what those ideas are! It’s that time again – time to review all of the petitions that your fellow members submitted over the past year. What is attached here is a document containing all 44 ideas for improvement that members […]

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Board of Directors

ChumpCar International Inc. DBA ChampCar Endurance Series Board of Directors Michael Chisek, President (Dec 2020) Doc Waldrop, Secretary (Dec 2023) Jerry Enger, Treasurer (Dec 2022) Tyler Pedersen (Dec 2023) Bruce Mills (Dec 2022) Tiffany Alexander (Dec 2020) Richard Sainato (Dec 2020) Email: BOD terms are three (3) years. Elections are held in the fall […]

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