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2019 ChampCar Endurance Series National Championship Points – Updated 12/4/2018

2019 ChampCar Endurance Series National Championship Points

April 27, 2019 Charlotte Motor Speedway 14-Hour Enduro

  Updated December 4, 2018

1.5.2. The winner of the National Championship:

a. All qualified teams carry their top two (2) season finish points into the Championship.
The season points are determined from January 1st to December 31st. The Championship race for the current year will be held the following year as declared in the following year’s schedule.

b. Finish points from the Championship will be added to the season point total. For example, the finish points acquired in the 2019 championship race event will be added to finishing points acquired during the 2018 calendar season which shall exclude points acquired at the previous years (2017) championship race event.

c. Lowest point total wins the National Championship.

Download the points total PDF here  ChampCar2019NationalChampionship


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