Sadly, the difficult decision has been made.

So I really want to be writing news about the race, something glib and humorous to get everyone excited about an upcoming event.
Sadly that is not the case. We tried, from your ChampCar staff to the good people at Watkins Glen, we tried every way we could to figure out a method to run this event and it’s just not possible. Watkins finally had to make the call yesterday afternoon at 5:00 pm.
We remain committed to keeping you, (our racers, our members, and our friends) safe at ChampCar events. When you factor trying to keep you safe, our staff safe, and return to racing without the track or ChampCar being in violation of State orders, we simply could not get there.
So now what? As of right now, we do not have any viable options for a make-up date. So we have to simply cancel. It’s small consolation, but we will have a date for next year.

What about your registrations?

Some of you have recently asked to withdraw and apply your payments to other races. If this is you, I will take care of it.
If you are currently registered for another race. Have your Team Captain notify me and I will apply your payments to that race.
If you are not registered for any other races, the most expedient thing is to issue your team Race Credits. The Race Credits can be applied to registration at any future ChampCar race.
We can also issue refunds. Please have your Team Captain contact me so we can direct the refunds to the correct accounts.

If you need me to do something else please have your Team Captain contact me.
At the moment I write this, I have 108 teams to work through, so please be patient with me. I promise I will get each of you well taken care of.
You can contact me with any questions or needs here.

We will get back to racing, but in the meantime please continue to keep yourself and your families safe and healthy.
The ChampCar Staff