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Board of Directors – 2019 Petition Review

Some of you have some ideas for improvement around here. Time to let everyone know what those ideas are!

It’s that time again – time to review all of the petitions that your fellow members submitted over the past year. What is attached here is a document containing all 44 ideas for improvement that members have submitted to us since our last board meeting. Some even come from staff and Board members (we can’t just make any changes we want, you know). Now that I have typed them up into one clean document, here’s your chance to read through them and comment on any that jump out at you as really good or horribly bad.

So here’s how this works: If you are interested, read these petitions. If you would like the Board of Directors to hear your thoughts on one or more of them, send an email to In your email reference the page and topic of the petition you are commenting on. If we would like further insight on your comment, we will contact you.

Members will have until April 23rd to send us their feedback on these petitions. During the month of May, the Board of Directors will discuss these petitions, with your comments, and decide if the ideas would benefit or hurt the club as a whole. The decisions will be announced at the public Board meeting at the National Championship on June 14th.

Keep in mind that while we love to get ideas and feedback from all of our members, we take rule changes very seriously and there would have to be a strong positive change for all members for us to vote a change in. Remember that as you comment, as a positive change for your team may not be a positive change for another team.

Please contact me with any questions and comments here.

All the best –

Download the 2019 Petitions here

Download – June 14th, 2018 BOD Meeting Schedule PDF


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