Laguna Seca update. 12/2/2019

The Event Director, Mike Morrison, has worked out with Laguna Seca management to race Saturday and Sunday without a one-hour lunch break/Red Flag Period.

The Supps has been updated to reflect two 7-Hour uninterrupted races. Download the latest supplemental rules here

Be advised that the sound level requirements of 90dbA begin from the Friday practice day until the end of the race on Sunday.
Three strikes and you are out.
Please make the car quiet. We don’t want you to have to miss racing on this great race track. Bring spare pipe and mufflers. A kit that many keep in their trailers or spare parts bins is something like the side pipe adapter kits. Included pre-bend pipe to help you assemble some adapters to point the exhaust exit to drivers left and up. It is an affordable kit that can be assembled at the track, includes clamps.,5423.html

Side pipe hook-up kits can be used to point the exhaust exit where you want it.

Remember, your intake system can also add to the sound level. Keep those intakes inside the hood area and try to block the noise from exiting. Stock intakes work great.