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New Membership Cards

New Membership Cards

We tried the ultra-cool and hip digital membership cards. But there was always an issue with the folks that did not use the latest tech. You know, the guys that want to still race a 1964 Austin Healey Sprite. And there was also the issue with the app not working all the time, or working on everyone’s choice of smartphone. So Bill Strong and Rob Verenna worked out a solution to make it super easy for all members to get their cards.

Just log into your ChampCar Registration account, look for the Print Member Card link on the right navigation(desktop) or below the images(mobile platforms), and print or screenshot the card. We even gave you a print button for those folks who are not tech savvy (see 1964 Austin Healey Sprite).

You can print the card out on a printer, and stuff it into your wallet. Or laminate it like some members are doing using nothing but BCCR approved tools.


You can also do a screen print/image capture on your smartphone. Forget your card at home and need to get in free at a local ChampCar race? Just open up the website on your smartphone, log into your account and show the image. Simple.

Some overachievers are even making real hard cards using real ID card equipment.

If you have any questions or concerns about these cards, please visit the forum thread at

…and as always, we will not assist you with any printer help.

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