At most ChampCar events our crack media folks have cameras in hand snapping pictures of racers and the cars doing their epic stuff, or maybe not so epic stuff. Now our photographers are not professional, and most likely are taking photos with consumer-grade equipment using technics learned from 11th-grade photography class in the 1970s, or just using their smartphones. No matter how amateur or bad the images are, they most likely are the only record of you doing your best on North America’s best auto racing tracks.

Unfortunately, we can’t take pictures at all events due to the workload of our staff. But we try our best. So to better catalog our races, Bill Strong and staff will be updating the ChampCar Forum with links to our Google Image dump. We don’t edit the images as most pro photographers do. We could spend hours and days going through the images looking for the best shots, but we just don’t get paid enough to do that. So we just “Snap, Resize, and Dump” the images onto our Google Photo drive. They are 1500 pixels wide and usually reduced from 4MB down to under a meg. This allows us a lot more room to store images and makes them easy to download and share on social media. Now if you want to print them out into a wall-sized mural, well, they won’t be high enough resolution for that.

So with that in mind, please visit the forum and take a look at the pictures from past events, and please don’t email trashing me for uploading a picture of the sky, the ground, or a picture of only half of your car that is also out of focus. And we apologize in advance if we took 2000 images of the event you attended, but there are zero images of you or your car.

Each event will be added to the thread based on the years. Currently, 2019 images are uploaded, I will add past events as I get time. I believe I have photos going back to 2009 for certain east coast events.


The equipment we use is the following:
Canon Rebel T6 with kit lenses.
Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note10

If you have a hookup for more professional equipment, please contact me.

Bill Strong
Marketing Direct – not a professional photographer