Unfortunately, we have had to cancel our event at Watkins Glen.

You may recall last month that when we announced the new date at Watkins Glen, we stated it was ours if we could meet the requirements. Up until this week, we could. Two days ago we received new information from Watkins Glen regarding requirements for our event.

WGI is under a lot of pressure from local and state officials to keep people healthy, but they want to open up and host events as bad as you guys want to race. To meet the requirements of the government, WGI has laid out a strict set of policies for all renters to follow. These policies are not really surprising to anyone (masks, social distancing, etc) and we were prepared for them. The issue and ultimate deal breaker was the penalty for non-compliance: shut down of our event.

While WGI officials assured me they would not send us home for a few violations, one of the requirements was to wear a mask under your helmet on pit road. Having watched all of you fuel for the past decade, I knew that there was little chance of getting 100% of you to wear your mask 100% of the time on pit road when we can’t get you to remember to keep your visor down while you fuel!

Rather than get our event interrupted multiple times for violations and ultimately be sent home early, we decided it would be better to hold off on our WGI event for 2020 and try to resume our event there in 2021. The last thing we want is to have all of you spend time and money to travel to Watkins Glen only to be sent home early. And it is especially important to us not to harm the reputation of the tracks that we race at. A few honest mistakes by us could land WGI in a lot of hot water with the local government!

All registered teams can receive a full refund of their events fees or you may choose to apply it to another event in 2020. Please respond to this email with your choice. If we don’t hear from you by the end of June, we will automatically apply your fees to your account for future use.

If you have any questions, you can contact me here.

Mike Chisek