Ok, the BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front). We are shifting our race date to Sunday, July 5th, 2020.

Still reading? Great! A little back story. Just like everyone else, IMSA and the broadcast networks are looking to get racing back on TV and they want to run a night race on Saturday. But keep reading, cause there are some excellent positives for us here.
The IMSA WeatherTech Championship event is for TV only, with no spectators. Except us. We will be loading in on Saturday, which means we will have access to see the entire IMSA WeatherTech Championship event run. Their practice and qualifying will be running on track while we are conducting Tech and Registration. When their race starts, you guys will be the only ones able to view it live. If you ever wanted to see an IMSA WeatherTech Championship event from the inside, behind the scenes, this is it.
In fairness, there will be some changes and some challenges. The biggest ones are garages, pit-lane, and Tech.
The IMSA WeatherTech Championship teams will be working out of the Yellow garages. If you were assigned in Yellow I will shift you over to a Blue garage. Also, if you are a multi-car team, I may need you to work out of a single garage. That way every team can have access to a garage.
Because IMSA will be racing into the night, we will not be able to set up pit-lane until Sunday morning. We will work with the track to try and get you access as early as we can Sunday morning.
We will not be able to run two Tech lines. We will really need to limit the number of cars in Tech. If you have a 2020 Tech sticker please do not come to Tech. Even if you’ve made a small change (emphasis on small) do not come to re-tech. If you feel you need Tech to really look over the car please contact Jay Mauney here. He can arrange a video call prior to the race.
I know this is a change. If you’re like me your reserve of change tolerance is getting low. But we are really focusing on the positives of this. We’ve always had a terrific relationship with IMSA, ISC, and DIS. They could have just bumped us. Instead, they chose to contact us and work with us, including allowing ChampCar members access to their race. Credit for that goes to the reputation you guys have earned for ChampCar as an organization.
The updated Supplemental Rules with more detailed times are here.
We are doing everything we can to get ChampCar races running again, and make this Daytona event a great time for you!

Any other general questions about the Daytona race please contact me here.
Thanks very much!   

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in Florida to celebrate our Independence Day!

The ChampCar Staff