ChampCar.Sim League Pacific Region


Introducing the Pacific Division of the 2018 ChampCar Sim Series

ChampCar Sim Series is pleased to announce the start of the 2018 Champcar Sim Series: Pacific Division. The aim of this championship is to run in parallel with the existing 2018 championship but with sessions in a timeslot suitable for west coast participants. All sessions, scoring, and prizes will be identical across both championships, but participants will only be eligible to score points in one of the divisions.

This addition has been brought about by the unexpected popularity of the new series. This will give us a chance to expand due to the large numbers of existing drivers and to give West Coast drivers the opportunity to compete at a time more suitable to their schedules.

The first round of the Pacific Division will be this Thursday, the session starting at 6pm PST, with the race starting at 9pm PST. All details in the race thread. This will be a make-up round for the first round of the championship, mirroring the Road Atlanta round we had last week. From then on, the Pacific Division will mirror the schedule of the Atlantic (East Coast) Division.

Racers are only eligible to score points in one division. Everyone is welcome to join the practice races for either division in order to meet competitors and bolster the fields, however, I ask that only eligible racers join their respective championship rounds in order to not deprive members of pit stalls or points.

Currently, I will assume everyone who raced in the East Coast championship round last Thursday as “declared” for the East Coast championship. If this is not the case and you wish to race in the Pacific Division going forward then please let me know and I will adjust your points accordingly.

It would be great if we can start to attract a strong grid and community in both time zones so please share this amongst your ChampCar teams and friends so that we can really get this up and running. Any questions, please feel free to raise in this thread or send me a PM. ChampCar Forum Thread –

Join the race here!