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Brainerd Challange Final Update

Brainerd is upon us!
And welcome to the doubleheader Brainerd Challange at Brainerd International Raceway!

First, as always, please read through the Supplemental Rules here. There’s lots of good information and the answer to many questions can be found there.

Most of you have run this track and this specific event before, so you kind of know the drill. However, there will be a few changes you should note.

First. Like many tracks, Brainerd is changing their gate security procedures. We plan to have someone at the gate to help process teams in, but you’ll need to sign in with security before going to your paddock.

On the topic of arriving. Please do not rush to get there too early. Our load-in time starts at 12:00 noon. There’s another event running in the morning and arriving early will only cause congestion.

Second. Registration will be located in the Competition Course Paddock area. We have not yet determined where Tech and Registration will be, but we will have it set-up and posted when you begin arriving.

You will need to take your car through Tech inspection before coming to Registration. If you have a current Annual Tech you can come straight to Registration, otherwise, you must go through Tech first. Only one member (preferably the Team Captain) needs to come through Registration.

Drivers can bring their safety gear to Gear Check at any time.

Third. Please check your team’s membership status. Some drivers have expired memberships. It will greatly speed up the registration process if memberships and team registrations are fully paid up.

Novice / Champ School. You must attend this meeting Friday if you have never raced wheel-to-wheel before, or never raced with ChampCar before. If you have new members on your team, or if you have not raced with ChampCar this year you are encouraged to attend. Look at it this way, the more we discuss things on Friday, the shorter the driver’s meeting on Saturday.

Still reading, wondering about you Pit Assignments?

Well, wonder no more… Your Pit Assignments are here.

The plan is to use the same pit space number designations for both Saturday and Sunday. We will mark out and number the pit spaces on the wall. I have left a few open spaces. With some luck, these will line up with some of the gaps and openings along the wall on the Comp Course. It should also leave us some room for flexibility with the openings. For some of you down near pit-out, I had to shift your pit over one space.

One more time if you want to print out the Supplemental Rules for this event here.

If you have any questions about the Brainerd race please email me here.

All the best –
Your ChampCar Staff

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