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Important updates to the Rocky Mountain 24h

Important updates to the Rocky Mountain 24h have been added to the supplemental forms

Garages – 24 available behind pit road, $100 per day. 20 Available in the paddock, $50 per day. Reserve through track here –
Electric – $55 for RV power. No power on pit road.
Lighting – lights in paddock and garages. Minimal on track.
Children – not allowed on pit road.
Camping – RV spots available, power $55.
BBQs – in paddock only. Enclosed grills only, no open fires.
Bathrooms/Showers – Yes
Concessions – No
Fuel – credit card pumps on site, 93 octane.

Download the Supps here

Entrants as of July 9, 2018

Rocky Mountain 24h Schedule

Rocky Mountain 24h Schedule

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