Nelson Ledges 24h Final Email to Team Captains

There’s lots of good important information here, so please read..

So I’m going to start this email off with a request for your assistance. Nelson Ledges is super excited about our race, they have made it clear they want our centerpiece event for the year. So I’m asking for your help, drivers, teams, staff, guests, everyone, please help ChampCar put on the type of terrific event we are known for. Let’s give Nelson Ledges the marquee event they are hoping for!

As always, please read the Supplemental Rules. There’s lots of good information and answers to most questions. They can be found here.

The Novice / Champ School. There’s always lots of questions about this school (meeting). This meeting is not about teaching new drivers how to race, it’s about how ChampCar administers a race, how you can expect the race to run.

You MUST attend the Novice/Champ school if you have never raced wheel-to-wheel before, or if you have never raced with ChampCar.

If you have not raced in over a year, are a newly formed team of experienced ChampCar drivers, are working over the wall, or just want a refresher you Should attend the school. All are welcome.

Paddock Parking. The attached photo below explains it best. Trailers, haulers, and rigs must be parked in the green paddock area. The area in red, behind the pits will be taken up by tents for the concession vendors and for shade and shelter for everyone.

Speaking of the Pits, you will be able to use small vehicles like golf-carts and mules to move around the paddock and cold-side pits. However, you must have lighting on them after dark.

Your Pit Assignments are here.
I am maintaining a few open spaces in the event that additional teams register. The specific pit spaces will be marked along the pit rail.

We’d like to propose a potluck dinner on Friday evening after tech in the tech shed. If you’d like to participate, bring something to share that will feed 10-20 people. Staff will show up when they finish with all registration activities to hang out with the teams and hopefully enjoy some of the grub.

A reminder: read through and print out the Supplemental Rules for this event here.

If you have any questions about the Nelson Ledges 24 please email me here.

All the best –
Your ChampCar Staff