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The Indy Grand Prix Course Layout Update

The Official ChampCar Indy Course Layout

From the desk of ChampCar Event Director Mike Chisek

“As our first Indianapolis Motor Speedway event approaches, ChampCar has been in close contact with Indy management through a series of conference calls. Many of the finer details get worked out after each call to help make this large event go smoothly. Recently the subject of our course configuration came up and I sought the input of Indy officials. While we, of our own accord, initially intended to run the Moto GP course in a clockwise configuration (Moto GP runs this course counter-clockwise), Indy strongly recommended that we run the Indy GP course instead. While they by no means mandated the configuration we use next month, I have great respect for their experience and wisdom in this subject. As a result of their input, I have edited the course configuration we will use for our Double 10 event to mimic the T1 and T13 that Indy GP uses. I apologize to any who are disappointed in the change, but it is our intention to provide a safe event for all in attendance and ChampCar management is in agreement with this suggestion by Indianapolis officials.”

Before the bridge, Back Straight – If you touch the grass, you get black flagged.
After the bridge, we will have cones to push cars drivers right (just like in the SCCA Run-Off video that R3R posted). If you get in the red zone, you will be black flagged.

The event supplementals have been updated with the latest road course map as shown in this post. There will be more updates to the supps as we finalize the event check-in process and move-in times with Indy staff.
Download Supplemental Rules and Event Info

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