ChampCar requires all teams participating in ChampCar events to have all of the required decals pre-installed on their car BEFORE going through tech, and before the start of the race if your car passed tech at a previous event.

ChampCar Number and Sponsor Panel Installation Instruction Sheet

At each event, especially the large ones like Daytona and Watkins Glen, teams show up without having their decals installed, and scurry about trying to get them done while waiting in line. If it is raining, it makes it double hard to install the decals. Pre-order all of your decals at

You will need the following decals…
3x Number panels – mounted to the Passenger and driver door, and one to the roof on hardtops, or the front hood for convertibles.

2x Sponsor Panels – These mount in front of the number panel. DO NOT SPREAD THEM ALL OVER THE CAR. Doing so will fail tech. They can ONLY be placed in the location shown on the instruction sheet.
You can order the die-cut TireRack window banner, sponsor decals, required class letters, and other required decals here. <- It’s easier to order as a kit. It does not include a colored window banner. Just the die-cut letters.

Hints and tricks –
Q. So your decals don’t fit my cool wrap or design, can I put them elsewhere that looks cool?
A. No.

Q. I race with other racing series, and their numbers are very different, can I just use those?
A. Nope. One way we have seen teams get around this issue is to have a ChampCar set of doors. All of the decals are applied to these doors and used with ChampCar events. When you race at Le Mans you just put the doors with the ACO required decals on the car.

Q. What do I do for numbers?
A. Have them printed on the decal. If you do not have a permanent number for your car (email to get a permanent number) you may use black vinyl and cut your numbers out. They must be easily read from afar and use a sans-serif font. You can download number templates here. Lay the template over some black vinyl (12″ wide x 6′ long black vinyl available on eBay or Amazon for cheap) and use a knife or Exacto-knife to trace the outline of the number. Place on number panel. We will allow black duct tape in a pinch. If the numbers fall off, you will be black flagged to fix them. Even if you are leading the race.

Q. But I purchased numbers from you guys in 2014. Why can’t I just use those with a patch panel?
A. Because we wanted uniformity when it came to the sponsors’ decals and the number panels. You are allowed to use the 2018 number panel with RVA Graphics at the top. We have new overlays for these decals. That is the only decal we will allow for the overlay to be used on.

Q. Another series won’t allow me to use your panels because of the sponsor names on them. What do I do?
A. See above about getting a new door. Or, cut the and the ChampCar logos off the door number and peel them off. When you return to a ChampCar event, we will issue your team a new TireRack top decal and a new ChampCar lower decal.

If you have any questions about ChampCar decals, please email