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Important ChampCar Dates

Important ChampCar Dates

As ChampCar is a business, we have some important business deadlines that have to be met so that we can best serve our membership.
The following deadline dates have been set by the ChampCar Endurance Series Board of Directors.

updated June 4, 2019, by WDS

BCCR, VPI Q1 & Board terms begin: January 1st
Member rule change petitions due to us: February 28
VPI Q2: March 1st
Member rule change petitions summary due to members for comment: March 31
Member rule change petitions comments due back to Board: April 30th
ChumpCar International financials due: April 30
VPI Q3: June 1st
Annual board of directors meeting: varies
BCCR & VPI Q4 published: September 1st
Board seat nominations due: September 30
New event schedule due: October 1
Board of directors seat election begins: November 1
Board of directors seats announced: December 15th

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