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Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence

As most of you know, the ChampCar Endurance Series world headquarters is located just south of Raleigh, NC.  This area will be impacted by Hurricane Florence. Here is an update.

Mike Chisek, CCES CEO, will be unplugging as they prepare for the impending storm.
If you have any questions about the upcoming Sebring event, please forward all questions to Dana Morrison at, or phone/text 772.485.8252, or Katherine Miller at

Any questions about the event at Pittsburgh International Raceway can be forwarded to Mike Chisek, but be aware it may be a while before Mike can get back to you depending on the impact of the storm. You can get with Dana or Bill Strong if there is a question that needs an immediate answer.

Questions about Harris Hill and Road America can be sent to Mike Morrison at or call/text to 214.738.6072. Registration questions can be sent to Laura O’Rourke at or call/text to 608.438.7449.

As always, most questions can be answered by reading the Supplemental Rules for the event.
Sebring –
Harris Hill –
Pittsburgh –
Road America –

Any Board of Directors inquiries can be mailed to

Please note:
If you do not get an immediate answer to your inquiries, there may be large-scale power and internet outages during and after this storm. Thank you for understanding.

Bill Strong –
434.996.6721 or

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