2018 ChampCar Endurance Series National Championship Standings

The rules per the 2018 BCCR –


An annual National Championship event will be held at a track designated by the CEO.

  • 1.5.1. In order to qualify for the National Championship, a ChumpCar team must:
    • a. Finish in the top 75 in points for the previous season.
    • b. Teams must compete in at least two (2) events in the previous season.
  • 1.5.2. The winner of the National Championship:
    • a. All qualified teams carry their top two (2) season finish points into the Championship.
    • b. Finish points from the Championship will be added to the season point total.
    • c. Lowest point total wins the National Championship.
  • 1.5.3. Bring the same car you raced to qualify for the Championship. No replacement cars shall be considered qualified, including significant changes to                         otherwise qualified vehicles.
  • 1.5.4. A minimum of TWO (2) original team drivers must be a part of the Championship team.
  • 1.5.5. Championship events are NOT exclusive – anyone can enter.

1.6. Points System

  • 1.6.1. One point per finishing position will be awarded to all competing teams. Eg – 1 point for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 3 points for 3rd, etc.
    • 1.6.2. Points will be calculated based on the top two (2) finishes for each team. All other finishes will be dropped.

Download the PDF by clicking the link below.