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ChampCar Endurance Series – Important dates in 2019

2019 ChampCar Endurance Series: Important Dates

BCCR, VPI & Board terms begin: January 1st, 2019

Member rule change petitions due to us: February 28, 2019
Use the form to submit petitions –

Member rule change petitions summary due to members for comment: March 31, 2019

Member rule change petitions comments due back to Board: April 30th, 2019

ChumpCar International financials due: April 30, 2019

Annual board of directors meeting: TBD
Date and location will be voted on at first 2019 BOD meeting.

2020 BCCR & VPI published: September 1st, 2019

Board seat nominations due: September 30, 2019
Doc Waldrop, Secretary (Dec 2019)
Tyler Pedersen (Dec 2019)

2020 event schedule due: October 1, 2019

Board of directors seat election begins: November 1, 2019

Board of directors seats announced: December 15th, 2019

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