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Want to hoist a trophy at Victory Lane in Daytona? Now’s your chance!

Okay, get ready, and read carefully cause there’s a lot going on this time and the information here will help you, a lot, I hope..

First, please read the Supplemental Rules here.

How big is Daytona? On our race weekend, it will host the ChampCar Endurance Series, the Ultimate Streetcar guys, and a Prom. Yes, there’s going to be a lot going on, but if everyone helps us stick to the plans we will have our usual terrific event.

Friday, load in day. 
The USCA cars will be running their track laps while we set-up Friday. I say that so you are prepared for the extra traffic. As usual, your pits and garages will be preassigned. They’re further down so keep reading. If you have a garage you will be allowed to park your hauler in the trailer space assigned to that garage. They do not always line up, look for the correct number. That means your hauler only. No personal cars. There will be guards at the entry gates to both the Blue and Yellow garages stopping personal cars, I know it may be inconvenient, but traffic and space become too crowded too quick. We can let in an extra truck with supplies and equipment, but you have to get in, unload, and move it out.

If you did not rent a garage space you will park your trailer and paddock in the overflow area to the west of the Blue garages. I want to be completely clear here. If you do not have a garage, you do not paddock in the garage areas.

We will have access to pit lane all day Friday for set up. But, we will not allow any vehicles of any kind and you will have to remain on the cold side of the pit wall.

Tech inspection will be done in the Scale room in the Blue garages. The Blue garage side will be the only Tech inspection this time. If you already have a 2019 Annual Tech inspection you are all set. If you have not, please make sure your car is compliant. This is a big race and the Tech line can get long. Please have all your forms completed, accurately, and be ready.

Registration will be held in the Media building again. This is the building right between the Blue and Yellow garages. Once you have completed Tech, bring your log book or your tech form to Registration. Don’t want to wait in a long line at Registration? Here are two things that can help speed things up. 
First, make sure all your drivers have current memberships, 
second complete your registration payments in full. 
We can do pit passes and other small things, but having memberships and registrations paid in full really helps speed things up.

Camping spaces with electric and water are available in the lot along Lake Loyd. Camping spaces are $75 for the weekend. Spaces are first-come-first pick. We will have a staff member at the entrance to take payment. We have never sold out of spaces, not even halfway so there’s no need to rush for spaces. Lastly, please park correctly in the lined spaces.

One last note about the USCA cars. They will be running on track while we load in. They will access the track from pit lane through the Yellow garages. This is why we are conducting our activities in the Blue garage. Additionally, they will bring their cars off the track near the first horseshoe turn in the infield. This means their cars will be driving through the infield area between sessions. Please be aware of them and allow traffic to flow. There’s plenty of room for both events to run, we just need to keep the traffic lanes open.

Race Day. 
Race day should go off as usual. Refer to the Supplemental Rules for the times. Please remember to keep personal vehicles out of the garage areas. Visitors, guests, etc need to park in the lot area to the west of the Blue garages. We are not using the Owner/Driver Camping Lot, do not park in, around, or anywhere near the Owner Lot. Why? The Prom.

Speaking of the Prom. 
We’ve done this the last few years and it actually works out pretty well. A local High School is using the 500 Club building for its Prom. They bring the kids in through the Owner Lot, and from there through a designated area to the 500 Club. What does this mean to you? Security. These are High School kids, its Prom, and alcohol is an issue. Track Security and the local Sheriff’s Office will be checking cars at the gate for alcohol. If you have to leave the track for fuel, food, whatever and you need to get back in around the afternoon, be prepared to wait through vehicle checks. The Deputies and Security guys are nice but they could care less about our race. They will be checking cars and it will take time. My advice is to get your outside chores done early.

Dyno, did we mention the dyno? 
Our friends at Muletown will be onsite. For $75 you can get 3 pulls. If you and your car are previous customers you can get 3 pulls for $50. Additionally, Keith has scales and for $15 you can corner weight your car.

Look for more information at their web site,

And, just like last year, a lucky couple of cars will get to visit the dyno after the race courtesy of ChampCar!

Need Safety Gear? 
Ron from Discovery Auto Parts will have his mobile sales trailer on site. This means two things. First, it’s very convenient for you, and second, zero tolerance for questionable safety gear. Got holes in your socks, brought two left shoes? You can get what you need at the trailer. If you need something specific now, contact them through their website and Ron can bring it down with him.

Still Reading? Good! Wondering where you pit and garage assignment are? Yeah me too…

(Pause, wait for laughter..)

Your pit assignments are here.

Your garage assignments are here.

One more desperate plea to please read the Supplemental Rules here.

If you have any questions about your registration please contact Katherine Miller here.

Any other general questions about the Daytona race please contact me here.

Thanks very much!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in Florida!

The ChampCar Staff

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