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MSR Houston Final Info

MSR Houston Final Info

We’re just a few days away from the ChampCar Endurance Series return to MSR Houston. Below is the important info you need to know. Please read carefully!

Final Info

CAMPING POLICY: Last week an email was sent out to all registered teams inquiring if anyone intended on camping. We had one team respond that they are camping, therefore we will not be offering camping. The gates will close Friday and Saturday nights at 10PM and they will reopen at 5AM.

Read the supplemental rules, found here. It has everything you need to know, including pictures!
Click here for pit assignments.

MSR Houston is putting on a test day.

Click here to sign up.
ALL drivers must have a current membership or your team will NOT be able to complete registration. They can sign up for their membership by logging in to their ChampCar account here. At the top of the page it will tell you if your membership is current, if it is not, there is a link to complete your membership. Registration will no longer add drivers at the track. Team Captains must register all drivers and complete all payments before they come to registration. This can be done at anytime before checking in at registration.
You must go though tech inspection or have already completed your 2018 annual tech before you can go to registration. Please make sure you bring your log book to registration.
Everyone must sign the ChampCar waiver. You will then be issued a waiver wristband that you must wear all weekend. You can sign the waiver at the front gate.

Annual Tech for 2018

Tech will be held in the tech garage, look for the banners.
The complete rules along with the latest revisions are posted on the ChampCar web page here.
Remember you are responsible for declaring all modifications to your car.
You need to have someone knowledgeable with your car in case we have any questions.
Be sure to look up your Vehicle Performance Index (VPI) value before you arrive at tech inspection.
Be prepared to jack up your car and remove wheels.
Bring your log book if you’ve been issued one.
Bring your completed tech form, filled out legibly.(you’ll need the second sheet for any power train swaps) Tech Form Swap Form
You should have an itemized list of all your non exempt components you are declaring in tech.
If you have a 2018 tech sticker on your car and haven’t changed anything there is no need to go through tech, but please make sure to bring your log book to registration. Also, don’t forget to have your gear annually checked for the 2018 season.


If you entered a transponder number while you where registering we assume you’re bringing your own. Please verify that you have entered the correct number or that you reserved a transponder if you’re not supplying your own.

Supplemental Rules

Just a reminder, we need you to look at the supplemental rules for this event. They can be found here.


If you have questions about the race email me and I will respond ASAP. For questions about registration or payment process please contact Katherine.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all at MSR Houston!

See you at the track –

The ChampCar Staff

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