Where are the 2020 event weekends?
How do I find out where the races are?
Do you have a schedule I can print out?

The ChampCar graphics department have been working tirelessly to keep up to date with the latest 2020 schedule changes. This has meant working late nights and weekends producing new calendars. Of course the rest of the week they have been sitting idle or playing Fortnite until the morning hours and sleeping all day.

You can find the latest schedule new online at https://champcar.org/register/events.php. This will be the absolute latest and most up to date event information.

If you need a printout, we have two calendars, one list and one graphic map showing the locations of the tracks. These are downloadable printable PDF’s.
2020 ChampCar Endurance Series Schedule.pdf
2020 ChampCar Endurance Series Schedule Map.pdf

If you want to look for a past event, you can review our events going back to January 2012. https://champcar.org/register/pastevents.php


If you have questions about an event, please contact the event director listed on the supplemental rules.  Below is a quick event finder, click the event directors name to email, or click the event to download the supplemental rules and event info. This is subject to change.