ChampCar Endurance Series announces the 2020 Nissan Motorsports Racer Support Program.

You will need to follow the directions in the program instructions. 

You will need to register with the program and get the required decals. There may be other requirements that are included in the downloadable PDF document below.

This program is only for Nissan/Datsun vehicles only. No Fiats with Nissan/Datsun engine swaps. Nissan/Datsun with Nissan/Datsun drive trains.

ChampCar is only putting on the race, it is up to you, the Nissan racer, to comply with the rules of the program.

As a Nissan-Nismo racer, you can also receive discounted parts under the program.

Attached below is information that is required to enroll in the 2020 Nissan Motorsports Racer Contingency Award Program. Any team or driver competing in an eligible Nissan vehicle can sign up for this program. Additionally, if you are competing in select race series or events, you may be eligible for contingency award payouts (see attached program rules). The program offers not only award payouts for top podium finishes but, also, advantages when purchasing parts.
The following pages describe the registration process, enrollment guidelines, parts purchasing program guidelines, contact information, forms necessary to complete the registration/payout process, listings of eligible race
series/events for contingency payout, and visual identity requirements.
Please call the Motorsports office at 1-888-833-3225 with any questions.

The Nissan Motorsports Racer Support Program is being run by Nissan Motorsports. Please direct all questions to them.

Please download the documents below.