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Endurance Tech Tip – Exhaust Chain

Picture this.

You are winning the race in the 13th hour. You see your car drive by the start-finish line. All your team’s hard work and preparation right there for the world to see. But there is now a problem. You see sparks flying out of the rear of the race car. Oh crap! That OE exhaust bracket that you paid good money for was just not up to the heat and vibration your race car gave it. So now the tailpipe is dragging on the ground!

And then you see this as your car goes past the start-finish line.

All the emotion of the potential win is gone. Your two-lap lead that you had fought so hard over the past 13 hours to maintain will be gone. Your car is called into the pit to repair the dragging exhaust pipe. A podium finish is gone. Your girlfriend hates you.

So how do you keep the girl and win the race?

Chain that pipe!

Keep those kick butt, super expensive OE exhaust mounts. But, supplement them with some chain. Loop a short piece of chain under the exhaust pipe every few feet. Attach it to the chassis with bolts. DON’T ever use self tapping screws. They fail and they can ruin other peoples days. Use good old-fashioned bolts and nuts. Or, to make it easy, use captive nuts with bolts.

If the pipe fails at a joint, gets damaged by a curb or off road incident, or the pipe is hit under braking, the chain will keep it from dragging on the ground. Sparks are bad. Corner workers hate sparks. A loud car is bad too. But corner workers wear ear protection. A sparking, swinging, pipe weapon under the car grabs their attention fast. And then out comes the meatball flag, ruining your day, and most likely burning your hands trying to use a clothes hanger to hold up the pipe.

Chain. It can save the win.

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