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At most ChampCar events our crack media folks have cameras in hand snapping pictures of racers and the cars doing their epic stuff, or maybe not so epic stuff. Now our photographers are not professional, and most likely are taking photos with consumer-grade equipment using technics learned from 11th-grade photography class in the 1970s, or just using their smartphones. No matter how amateur or bad the images are, they most likely are the only record of you doing your best on North America’s best auto racing tracks.

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Tech inspection after the race

Rules and Regulations

RulesHow to use the links below? “The Basics” are the rules. These are the important safety items and the procedures that ChampCar uses to access the race car you have chosen. “Standard Race Car Entry Paperwork” is for the racers who are entering a race car with very little mods. You have the stock engine, […]

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Upcoming ChampCar Endurance Series Events – FAQ!

Upcoming ChampCar Endurance Series Event — FAQs To help everyone be better prepared for ChampCar events, here is a list of Event FAQs and links to important information. FAQ: Rules “I am not driving, just crewing”, or, “I am just a driver, not a builder” so I don’t need to read the ChampCar rulebook. Wrong! […]

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BCCR update

ChampCar BCCR Update – Rules Clarification : Version 2018 v1.0.2- Seat Harness, Window Nets, Arm Restraints

ChampCar Endurance Series officials have made an update to the ChampCar Endurance Series rule book (BCCR) to clarify seat harness, window net, and arm restraint certification. Please download for your records. Changes: New Version 2018 v1.0.2 All updates in RED. Cover with the version update. Page 9 – 3.4.2. – Clarification Page 9 – […]

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Daytona Supplemental rules

Marathon Coach Daytona Beach Enduro

The Marathon Coach Daytona Beach Enduro race supplementals are up and live. Visit We welcome Marathon Coach as the official event sponsor. Marathon Coach will have have a coach on display at Daytona. Visit Marathon Coach at

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ChampCar Graphic Identity Guidelines and Downloads

The ChampCar Endurance Series® is a non-profit motorsports membership organization created to give average people the opportunity to race wheel-to-wheel on a budget. The series has evolved from its humble beginnings as a loosely run, “tongue-in-cheek” race enthusiast’s association to a structured organization of grassroots heroes in amateur endurance motorsports. To represent the evolution of […]

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Charlotte Motor Speedway announces ChampCar Track Layout

Charlotte Motor Speedway announces ChampCar Track Layout Today, ChampCar Endurance Series and Charlotte Motor Speedway announced the track layout for the upcoming Racing Radios Grand Prix at Charlotte Motor Speedway 14-hour race on April 21, 2018. With the announcement that NASCAR would be running a roval at Charlotte in the 2018 fall Chase schedule, ChampCar […]

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ChampCar has partnered with Circuit Studies for driver training webinars Mike Skeen and Johan Schwartz have teamed up to share their expertise for driving some of the world’s best race tracks in convenient, affordable, online presentations. These webinars are for both the rookie driver that needs a good baseline and the seasoned racer looking for a couple of extra tenths. The presentations all come […]

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