2018 ChampCar Endurance Series National Championship Qualifiers List

Here it is! The point totals have been added up, checked, double checked and triple checked! It was even peer-reviewed by your fellow competitors!
75 cars qualify. Wait…
Because 7 teams were tied at 12 points, the BOD allowed the top 80 teams into the National Championship! 80 teams!

National qualifiers will be allowed to register for the race immediately, on March 17, 2018 (90-days before the race), the registration will open up for everyone else to register for the race.


An annual National Championship event will be held at a track designated by the CEO. The NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky was chosen for its central location and the 3.15-mile road course that was designed with challenging features that are reminiscent of the famous La Sarthe in Le Mans, France.

1.5.1. In order to qualify for the National Championship, a ChampCar team must:

a. Finish in the top 80 in points for the previous season.

b. Teams must compete in at least two (2) events in the previous season.

1.5.2. The winner of the National Championship:

a. All qualified teams carry their top two (2) season finish points into the Championship.

b. Finish points from the Championship will be added to the season point total.

c. Lowest point total wins the National Championship.

1.5.3. Bring the same car you raced to qualify for the Championship. No replacement cars shall be considered qualified, including significant changes to otherwise qualified vehicles.

1.5.4. A minimum of TWO (2) original team drivers must be a part of the Championship team.

1.5.5. Championship events are NOT exclusive – anyone can enter.

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