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2019 ChampCar Number Panel Ordering Update

As most of you know, ChampCar Endurance Series will have a new title sponsor for 2019 and beyond. RVA Graphics & Wraps will move over to a series sponsor and will continue to be the ChampCar number and sponsor panel provider.

We understand how everyone wants to get their ChampCars completed before the upcoming races, and their number panels, sponsors panels, class letter, and the window banner pre-installed.

As I type this update, we are awaiting the return of the contracts. We have asked RVA Graphics & Wraps to hold all orders from shipping until we get the contract in hand. Once we get those signed contracts back, we will release the panels for printing and we will ask RVA Graphics & Wraps to open their store up again.

If there will be a further delay, we have a deadline date set where we will start shipping “blank sponsor” panels so you can start getting them installed on your race cars. We will provide an overlay sponsor decal at a later date.

Be advised that following the decal installation instruction sheet will be a requirement for 2019. We do not care what other series decals you have on your cars. We will require that our decals are in place in the spots and order that is shown on the sheet. There will be no exception. Decal installation is part of tech inspection for 2019. Also, be advised that the old “ChumpCar” panels are no longer allowed. You will need to use the new smaller 2018 / 2019 panels. If you have a 2018 panel, we will supply you a new sponsor overlay to go over the top of the RVA Graphics & Wraps logo.
We will also supply new sponsor panels that get mounted in front of the door numbers. We have removed some sponsors and added some new ones.

FYI. You get your fenders back.

The decal install sheet is located in the BCCR and all Event Supplemental Rules.

If you have any questions or concerns about the decals or procedures, you can email me at

Thank you.

Bill Strong
Marketing Director
ChampCar Endurance Series

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