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BCCR and Tech Inspection Form Updated

BCCR and Tech Inspection Form Updated

The Tech form was updated to match the rule in the BCCR. Form updated. Please redownload the form and the BCCR to make certain you are using the correct versions.
Changle log added to

Rules and Regulations

07/03/2018 Change to Version 2018 v1.0.4
The following changes are approved by the ChampCar Endurance Series Board of Directors

Reason for change or addition: Clarification
Effective Date: Immediately.

re: Technical Inspection Form

BCCR reads – suspension bushings in Polyurethane, Delrin, OE replacement: 0 pts/car
Technical Inspection Sheet reads – Suspension bushings OE replacements 0 pts/car.

Reason for change or addition: Make Technical Inspection Form wording match the BCCR wording.

Effective Date: Immediately.
Additional changes:

Updates made by:
William Strong Date: 07/03/2018

Approved to post by:
Michael Chisek CEO Date: 07/03/2018

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