ChampCar Endurance Series entry fees cover the car, all drivers, and your crew. No driver or crew limit!

Early Pay at Discount Tracks

The early pay discount does not apply to the following races:

August 25-August 26, 2018
GINGERMAN RACEWAY: 8+7 Enduros, $750
South Haven, MI
“The Cookie Cutter Classic”

September 1, 2018
THOMPSON SPEEDWAY: 12-Hour Enduro, $750
Thompson, CT
“The 12 Hours of Thompson”

September 1-September 2, 2018
OREGON RACEWAY PARK: Double-8 Enduros, $600
Grass Valley, OR
“The Grass Valley Enduro”

Remember that the cost of entry to a ChampCar Endurance Series includes ALL DRIVERS, CREW, and the CAR.
There are no extra race fees. There are no max limits on drivers or crew. All drivers and crew will need to be a current ChampCar member in good standing.

We do not offer early pay discounts to the low-cost races.
You may see the early pay label still attached to the schedule pages. The code does not allow us to remove it from those three races.