For those individuals who are concerned about interacting with ChampCar tech staff and the transfer of germs/viruses/bacteria, ChampCar is offering Pre-Tech by Skype from the safety of your own garage.  This is a full vehicle inspection done the same way as it would be done in person.  If you are interested in this service here’s how to sign up:

  • You may schedule an appointment only if you are registered for an upcoming event.
  • Ensure you have what is needed to do a video call (high-speed internet connection, camera, audio).
  • Use our Appointment Calendar below to request an appointment.  Appointments are limited so don’t wait too long.
  • Print out a ChampCar tech sheet and completely fill it out before your meeting.
  • At your tech appointment, you will show Tech all aspects of your car and answer any questions tech has.  If your car passes inspection, Jay will send you an email confirming your success.
  • When you arrive at the track have one team member drive your car to tech and pull into the line marked “Pre-Tech Cars”.  A ChampCar tech official will ask for your confirmation email.  No email and they will ask you to move to the regular line.
  • With your email in hand, the ChampCar tech official will walk around your car one time to confirm everything from your Skype call is there.  They will then place an annual tech decal on your car and you are done and ready to race.

Despite the nature of this inspection being via teleconference, all the same rules and policies apply.  You are required to disclose all details of your car.  If aspects of your car are hidden and later discovered at the track, whether at pre-tech confirmation, post-race impound, or anywhere in between, you can be moved to EC or disqualified or removed from the track.  Our hope is that this new option can alleviate the fears some of you may have about direct contact this summer and help speed up our current tech process. 

If you have any questions, email

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The Basics

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