As of today, the Sahlen’s Champ Yard Dog at the Glen Double 8+7-Hour Enduros are still a go! Above is the 2020 Watkins Glen event t-shirt art! T-shirt’s will be available at the event only. (note: T-shirts will not have the date on the art)

Please review the supplemental rules. If you have never attended a ChampCar Watkins Glen event, there are some really important move-in instructions that you will need to read and understand.
Download them here

Team captains will need to watch their email about a week out. Event director Dana Morrison will be sending out updates and most likely more special instructions.

May 22-May 24, 2020
WATKINS GLEN: Test + Double 7 Enduros, $1725
Watkins Glen, NY
“Sahlen’s Champ Yard Dog at the Glen”
Early Pay Discount Ends: March 23, 2020

Download Supplemental Rules and Event Info

Entries for Sahlen’s Champ Yard Dog at the Glen

Team NameCar #YearMakeModel
856 Racing8561993FordEscort GT
Acura 4 Now5242007AcuraTSX
All Rhodes Racing4951995BMW318TI
Back Porche Racing1561986Porsche944
Bad Idea Racing2401992BMW325i
BBY Racing122003HondaS2000
Big Guy Racing3441983Porsche944
Black Flag Motorsports132006HondaCivic Si
Bliss Racing4321985ChevyCamaro Z28
Blitzkrieg Racing2422001BMW325ci
Booksmart Motorsports6281991AcuraIntegra
Boston Whiners7891994ChevroletS10
Boston Whiners4441991BMW318is
Boston Whiners3061991BMW318is
Brake Dancers6311991HondaCivic
Braking Bad3101993ChevroletCamaro
Broken Bolt Racing9181994MazdaMiata
Castrol Prefect Racing7421994LexusSC300
Class of \’92 Racing3091992FordMustang
Crazy Horse Racing6691985FordMustang SVO
Das Idiots2151999VolkswagenJetta
Dead Pedal Racing1861987MaseratiBiTurbo
Drivesport9681991BMWe30 Racing1532001AudiTT
E Racing8901986bmw325
E34Real Racing2591995BMW525i
Fauxrarri Motorsports8861986PontiacFiero
Flying Purple People Eater4711984MazdaRx7
GMS Racing5561987MazdaRX7
Good, Bad and Ugly4271988ChevroletCamaro
Great Globs of Oil3231996FordProbe GT
Haywood Racing6621991MazdaMiata
Haywood Racing6631990MazdaMiata
Higgy Motorsport8911991HondaCivic
Hugh Jass3371997MazdaMiata
JS Motorsports3791990MazdaMiata
Junk Player Special5001995VWGolf
Karlnoski-Roessel Racing561989HondaCRX
Kim Jung Il5852001HONDACIVIC
Koko & Bros6951993MazdaMiata
Leviathan Motorsports2551991Toyotamr2
Little Bigger Racing2331991MAZDAMIATA
Logdog Motorsports6161993HondaCivic
Loudon Endurance8141996BMWZ3 1.9L
Low Percent Pass Racing3961990BMW325i
McKibbins Biohazard Racing3821991TroyotaMR2 V6 2.0
MDR Motorsports8301993MazdaMiata
MLC Racing7611993BMW325
MLC Racing 47471991ChevroletCorvette
Nine Four Motorsports8401992LexusSC300
Nine Four Motorsports831994ToyotaSupra
OB Prestige3381997hondacivic
Occam’s Racer5671994MazdaMiata
Pares Motorsports431999ChevroletCamaro
Pinkies Out Aero1461988BMW325is
Polizei Racing881987BMW325
Poverty Auto Sport6181995DodgeNeon
Queen City Racing2512006MiniCooper S 1901999SAAB9-3 21952006SAAB9-3
Red Cow Racing21994BMW325i
Red Green Racing311992BMW325i
Red Shoe Racing9912002FordFocus SVT
Rhinoceros Racing2831986FORDMUSTANG LX
Rooster racing llc4511996DodgeNeon
Rosmar Racing7012001MazdaMiata
Rosmar Racing7021999MazdaMiata
Rustang Renegades7151994FordMustang GT
S&J Racing3151987BMWSpec E30
Safety 3rd Motorsports8691993BMWE36 325
Scrappy Doo Racing6071991MazdaMiata
Separate Checkbook Racing7371995MazdaMiata
Shut Up Racing2341987BMW325i
StarT Racing5902002NissanSentra
Sweetwater Racing5221990MazdaMiata
Sweetwater Racing5231991MazdaMiata
T & A Racing3801992BMW325i
Team Octane2452009MINICooper S JCW 245
Team Octane3482009MINICooper S JCW 348
Team Roto Plooker371990MazdaRX7
Team Sahlen Charcoal9411986MazdaRX-7
Team Sahlen Dijon9451988MazdaRX-7
Team Sahlen Ketchup9421999PorscheBoxster
Team Sahlen Mustard9431999PorscheBoxster
Team Troxell Racing3251993BWM325is
Tomlinson Motorsports2481997BMW328
Truck Stuff4561999ChevroletS10
Tuna No Crust7911991AcuraIntegra
Twisted Nutz Racing4991985MazdaMiata
Van Buren Boys/Kruse Racing4622006Nissan/DatsunAltima
Visceral Racing Group9161987Porsche944S
Warrior Racing8971991MazdaMiata
Wilson-Dailey Racing151992BMW325is
Zundfolge / Ultraraymotorsports.com5141988Porsche924