Press Pass


    We welcome any photographers to our events pursuant to their registration with us and agreement to our standards/policies.
    · ChumpCar International Inc. does not compensate any photographer for their services at the track. All profits will be derived from direct sales to our race teams and their friends/families.
    · ChumpCar International Inc. will be pleased to distribute marketing materials for your company/small business through social media and in print advertising at the track, should that be requested. This is in order to benefit you and generate sales on your behalf.
    · ChumpCar requests licensing of your photos be granted to us through a Creative Commons license. In regards to this type of licensing, we request Attribution; allowing us to distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work for promotional and commercial marketing. In exchange for this licensing privilege, we will credit you or your company for all work used.

    By completing this form, you agree to the above.