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ChampCar Endurance Series Sponsors & Supporters

Series Sponsors

ChampCar Endurance Series Title Sponsor:

RVA Graphics and Wraps

RVA Graphics – RVA Graphics & Wraps have over two decades in designing, producing & installing racecar graphics. We can produce concept drawings for potential sponsors, then print and professionally install your graphics to make your car look as fast as it is!

ChampCar Endurance Series – Series Sponsors:


LifeLine USA:
The official fire suppression systems of the ChampCar Endurance Series!
Lifeline Fire & Safety Systems is the leading manufacturer of fire safety equipment and fire suppression systems in the motorsport industry. Our products are in use worldwide – from factory programs in WEC and IMSA to grassroots series, and everything in between. Ongoing research and development enables Lifeline to produce the most innovative products on the market, with a strong commitment to quality construction and environmentally responsible operation. Please visit don’t forget to mention you are a Chump.
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Wilwood: Wilwood has been creating race- and championship-winning road racing products for decades. Wilwood looks forward to working with our ChumpCar members with support & guidance to choose the right brake application no matter the experience level or budget. Please contact our tech experts at 805-388-1188 or visit our website at
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Frozen Rotors

Frozen Rotors: For the ultimate in brake rotors please visit or call 888.323.8456. SAVE on the website and receive a 15% discount on Frozen Rotors brake rotors by using promo code fr2015. Use the ChampCar promo code of fr2010 to receive a 10% discount off of Hawk Performance race pads.

OMP Sport: Your one stop shop for official racing safety apparel. Please call 305.373.0051 for current ChampCar Specials.
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Racing Radios

Racing Radios:
Racing Radios is the official communications provider for ChampCar Endurance Series and will offer a 15% discount to ChampCar members who mention the partnership. Please visit us at or call at 770-427-8181.

Cool Shirts

COOLSHIRT® helps the Motorsports community stay cool and comfortable whether on the grid, on the track or in the pits. Please visit us at
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ChampCar Endurance Series Sportsmanship award:

The Chandler School

The Chandler School – The mission of The Chandler School is to empower children with language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, to become academically skilled students who are strong self-advocates and confident lifelong learners prepared to enter other academic settings.

ChampCar Endurance Series – Trophy Presentation Sponsor

Maxxis Tires

The official tire of the ChampCar Endurance Series!
Maxxis Tire –
The VR-1 features a compound that gets up to operating temperatures quickly and provides tenacious dry traction on the street or during competition. The engineers also made sure the compound heat cycled well so the tire stays fast throughout the life of the tire. The new pattern was designed to maximize dry performance while minimizing white-knuckle moments under wet weather. UTQG 200 AA A
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ChampCar Endurance Series – Class Sponsors:

Discovery Parts

DiscoveryParts Inc. is a veteran-owned racing and safety equipment company located inside Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawsonville GA. We take pride in being a reseller of the best of the industry for both retail and wholesale. The quality of service and racing knowledge has led us to the front of our industry while still being courteous and honest. We know racing, love racing, and look forward to tomorrow – for more racing! Please visit us at
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ChampCar Endurance Series – Series Supporters:

At Linespace, we believe in meaningful brand experiences that are inspired by you. Your company, your customers, your environment… your vision, our expert design team is here to help create designs that are visually engaging, functional, and effective.
Our collective team approach allows us to infuse information with creativity so we can achieve meaningful brand expression through informed design solutions. We’ll immerse ourselves into your objectives and focus on design solutions that will promote valuable experiences at each touchpoint.
Let us help you build and elevate your brand experience through design. Visit

Want to learn the fastest and safest way around the track? Check out Circuit Studies by Mike Skeen and Johan Schwartz for an inexpensive, yet in-depth study before your next event! Visit

Kbar Soap Company

The K Bar Soap Company name came naturally from life experience, with scents created to support the overarching theme of bad-assery from the time spent in the Marine Corps. All scent names were based on sayings or concepts that were permanently scarred into memory during those 4 years. Names that will resonate throughout not only the Veteran community but with all men in general. Men who have the desire to treat their skin kindly without having to borrow some of their wife’s lavender and chamomile scented mess will appreciate this product. It was Chris’s goal to bring these bars to life and give each their own personality, not just a scent. These distinctively different personalities would appeal to the masses of men who should make the decision to use an all natural soap, and still allow them to keep every one of their man cards while doing so. ChumpCar members gets 10% off using code chumpssave10 – Please visit

TrackSwag Unique racing inspired graphics and artwork personalized for racers, clubs, and enthusiasts. Your event, your team, your car, your colors, TrackSwag makes it personal! Our race inspired shirts and gear is available at our redbubble store for direct purchase. 20% discount on all custom team/event orders for ChampCar members, mention code: TS-CHUMP20. Visit

KNS Brakes

KNS Brakes: Since 2005, KNS Brakes Inc. has continued to provide fast and reliable service for your braking needs. We thank our customers and the many referrals they provide to keep us going. We stock many parts in our Raleigh NC warehouse and we are affiliated with many distributors of performance and premium brake parts. We are more than just a web store. Call or email us and see for yourself. 919-420-0021 Visit


Dashub: Dashub was founded by a group of car enthusiasts who set out to revolutionize the car buying experience. As an online used car auction company, our mission is to create an easier, more affordable way to purchase a car by giving our clients exclusive access to insurance and salvage auto auctions. Auto auctions give you an opportunity to purchase vehicles for a fraction of the price, saving you thousands of dollars in the process. Visit

ChumpCar World Series – Event Sponsors:

Krispy Kreme, Sahlens Hotdogs

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