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2020-01-20 - Official Penske Ruling - NA/NB Miata ('90-'05)

To clarify the total points taken, by a 1990-2005 (NA or NB) Miata Running the Penske Spec Miata shock & spring setup on all (4) four corners,
With the required "Mounting Kit" and "Top Hat Set", as well as a suitable "Adjustable Spring Perch" and "Metallic Spring"

Please confirm the following:
1. The Penske Spec Miata Dampers fall under (2020 BCCR Section 4.8. THE 2X RULE), and are assigned (0) ZERO POINTS for a 1990-2005 (NA or NB) Miata
2. "Mounting Kit", the "Top Hat Set", the "Adjustable Spring Perch" (Threaded Sleeve and Spring Perch) and "Metallic Spring" are Assessed a TOTAL of (40) Forty Points; (10) Ten Points per corner

Therefore, a 1990-2005 (NA or NB) Miata running the Penske Spec Miata shock & spring on all (4) four corners is assessed a TOTAL of (40) Forty Points; (10) Ten Points per corner?

Q2. (added 2020-10-19)
Can you please provide an official ruling on the use of the 2019 and later spec miata suspension package in champcar.
Spec Miata Parts Kit

This includes Penske shocks (sealed, non adjustable, with a spherical bearing in the lower mount and a shaft upper mount), NB Tophats modified to accept spherical bearings, coilover sleeves, and springs which do not match stock miata spring diameters (stock "ID" is 3.25, these are 2.5).

Install write-up

Penske PDF documents:

Stock Miata Spring Specs
Spec Miata Rear Spring
Spec Miata Front Spring

The top hats (NB is on the left). This drops the car approx 1/2" when used identically as the NA part.
Top Hat Comparison

The Penske Spec Miata shock & spring package for the Miata is 10 points per corner which include top hats.

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