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2020-01-09 - 1990 Miata VPI with Mazda 1.8 liter swap

I have a question about the VPI for a 1990 Mazda Miata. The base value for the 1990 Miata on the table is 250. Our Miata has a 1.8l engine from a 1999 Miata. When we use the swap calculator, it says that our new value is the original value of 300 + 50 for a total of 350.

Is the base value for a 1990 Miata 250 or 300?

Based on VPI numbers dated Q1 2020.

Whenever an engine swap is performed, the swap must start with the highest valued version of your car.
4.5.6. Vehicles must use the highest valued model from its generation.

In the case of the NA Miata, there are 250 point 1.6l engines and 300 point 1.8l engines. Therefore when you swap any engine into a 1.6l Miata, the calculator will start the equation with the 300 point version of the car.

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