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2020-01-15 - Rear Fender Flares - Repurposed Material

I would like to continue our rear fender flares downward and create a mini-splitter in front of the rear tire. This would add more protection from tire-to-tire contact, as well as take the air off of the exposed tire. I would plan to re-use what's left of the package tray or what's left of our front bumper. I've attached pictures of the cardboard mockup and source material.

I also plan to cut the urethane rear bumper cover into strips for side skirts coming down off of the pinch weld. I will document this process.

It's my understanding that repurposed aero is 0-points, but I don't know if the continued fender flare will be allowed due to safety or another reason. Can you take a look and let me know what you think?

Rear Fender
Top view
Side View
Source Material

Looks good to me. Just document the source of the repurposed material and bring the documentation with you to each race

Jay Mauney
National Tech Director
ChampCar Endurance Series

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