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2020-01-20 - Flywheel & Clutch

How many points to run a lightened flywheel? How many point to run a multi-disk clutch?
There is also a case where a single mass conversion kits for cars that originally had an expensive and unreliable dual-mass flywheel. The kit is often cheaper than the original OEM dual mass. Also, would it be 0pts to use a lighter single mass flywheel if it was required for an engine swap and fit in the $2500 swap money?

You can switch from a dual-mass flywheel to a single mass flywheel for zero points if the flywheel is steel.
Aluminum flywheels are 10 points.
The clutch needs to remain OEM diameter and the same number of clutch packs as delivered from the factory.


I sourced an SFI rated flywheel for my "Insert Car Here", am I able to use this aluminum flywheel for points over the stock flywheel.

The SFI flywheel is 10 points


A3.   Summary:
Non-OEM steel replacement flywheels are free
Non-OEM Aluminum or lightweight replacement flywheels are 10 points
Non-OEM size clutches are not allowed - at the present
Increased number of clutch packs (beyond OEM) are not allowed
Flywheels may not be modified

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