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2020-01-30 - Platform swap and ABS/traction control

I am currently working to build a BMW 328ci (E46). In this process, I am starting with a 2003 325ci and swapping the necessary components to make it equivalent to the 2000 328ci.
Regarding the traction control systems, 2003 325 was produced with the DSCIII MK60 unit, while the 328 was produced with either the MK20 EI ASC (1999) or DSC III MK20 (2000).
Is it permissible to retain the 2003 325ci traction control unit for no point penalty when platform swapping to a 2000 328ci?

ABS, DCS or any type of traction or braking control unit added to a non-ABS, DCS, traction control equipped vehicle is a minimum 25 points.  (note the word minimum).
Any abs DCS traction control system upgrade including faster computer control units - 10 points

Note:  ABS points revised for 2021.  All ABS upgrades must come from a vehicle on the VPI list and will be charged 25 points.

Platform swaps, where the engine performance increases and the vehicles VPI increases, are not required to upgrade to the higher performance abs or traction control unit of the higher performance platform (swap).
Platform swaps initiated to reduce the VPI of the vehicle are typically not required to claim points for the abs or traction control unit but must make note of the variance in their logbook and on their inspection form.

Unless the utilized ABS traction control unit is pre-approved via the Tech Desk, as so in all cases tech reserves the right to add 25 10(changed 6-18-24) points to the cars TVPI if the swap is not made to the lower performance ABS traction control unit and the utilized unit proves to be an exceptional performance increase or advantage.

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