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The tech desk is used to ask technical questions and is not to be used as a post race tech line or to phish for how others built their cars.
Please reference the BCCR as most questions submitted to the TechDesk can be answered by reading the BCCR.
You can download the BCCR here:

2020-02-27 - Headlight Protection

The BCCR addresses protection of taillight and brake lights as:

9.9.6. All glass and/or plastic taillight and brake light lenses that may be damaged from vehicle contact are to be taped-over with clear packaging or another strong clear tape. Do not use Scotch tape.

Presumably, headlights can be protected as well (last year lug nut impact fun...). Can we use a car model specific clear molded plastic headlight protective cover as a no-points option to putting tape over headlights?


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