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2020-03-20 - Aero pan

What are the width limits of an aero pan? Is it the extreme widths of the car like a wing? Is it the width or the rocker panels? Or is it the width of the punch welds?

If you are paying points for non-oe rocker panels as an aero device or have OE rocker panels, the flat panel can be attached to, but not replacing the OE floorboards and extend horizontally to the vertical edge of the rockers. It cannot extend beyond the single plane vertical edge of the non-oe or OE rockers.

If you do not have rockers and are not paying points for aero rockers then the flat tray cannot be extended beyond the OE pinch welds.

If you are in doubt submit descriptions and photos of your flat tray mounting for approval to avoid surprise points at tech inspection.

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