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The tech desk is used to ask technical questions and is not to be used as a post race tech line or to phish for how others built their cars.
Please reference the BCCR as most questions submitted to the TechDesk can be answered by reading the BCCR.
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2021-01-01 - Roll Cage Tabs

Looking to add tabs to connect my A-Pillar bars to my A-Pillar. I would like to make the tabs ~10" long. However states tabs can be 6" max length with max 2 tabs in any 36" of tube. If this is the only tab in 36" of tube can I make it 12" long or do I need to make two separate 6" plates that are say 1/4" apart. Either way is fine, just want to make sure I'm not taking the rules outside the spirit of their design.

Please use two separate tabs per side, max 6" each, to attach your A pillars to each side of the car.

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