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The tech desk is used to ask technical questions and is not to be used as a post race tech line or to phish for how others built their cars.
Please reference the BCCR as most questions submitted to the TechDesk can be answered by reading the BCCR.
You can download the BCCR here:

2024-1-30-Tubular rear subframe


There is a current rule for Tubular Front subframe/K-member being 10pts (bolt on only).

Would this also apply to a rear tubular subframe? For example, a Pontiac Fiero has the engine mounted in the rear and uses a subframe that is essentially the same as a FWD front subframe except it wouldn’t have a steering rack. Would this also be considered 10 points? If not, how many?

Bolt in subframe 10 points each Front or Rear

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