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The tech desk is used to ask technical questions and is not to be used as a post race tech line or to phish for how others built their cars.
Please reference the BCCR as most questions submitted to the TechDesk can be answered by reading the BCCR.
You can download the BCCR here:

2020-03-20 - Intake Manifold Modification

If one were to:
1. Modify a stock, cast aluminum intake manifold by cutting length out of runners, would this cost VPI points?
2. Modify a similar manifold by cutting open the stock intake plenum, adding material between the two halves, and welding back together. Material points?
Assume it is the OE manifold for the car you are using

1. No points
2. Material points

Be cautious about building a copy of an intake that exists as it will add points.
With the "2" intake modification, you would be best served to submit your plans to tech for approval.

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