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2020-06-02 - Individual Throttle Bodies (ITB)

Is there an established point value for ITB's?
Technically they replace the Intake Manifold and Carb/Throttle body - so 50 points?

Aftermarket intake - 25 points
Required Individual Throttle Bodies (ITB's) up to one per cylinder - 25 points
Example - BMW 6 cylinder with 6 ITB's (25 points) and one intake manifold (25 points) to allow them to bolt to the head. 50 points total


Updated 26Dec23

Do I need to pay intake manifold points as well if claiming ITB's (1 throttle per cylinder)

You have to pay Intake points unless the throttle bodys bolt directly to the head. In all that I have seen there's a small runner or in some cases long individual runners then again some use a one piece intake. Anything that goes between the throttle bodies and the head will be figured as + 25 points for intake and + 25 for throttle body or bodies. Total 50 points.

Can I manufacture the adapter plate between ITB and head by hand for 0 points?

Anything serving the purpose of an intake and nonstock to the car is + 25 points for an intake

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