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2020-01-09 - EuDM manifold usage

I have a 1991 Miata I am doing a complete 1999 driveline swap.

The European version of this vehicle has a different intake manifold than the US version. I planned on using this as it came with my driveline swap. I just want to be sure that the manifold does not cost points. Again, this is an OEM Stamped Mazda intake manifold.

To use the EuDM intake manifold you must be using a complete EuDM engine and must prove the engine is EuDm via a verifiable sales receipt with matching part number and serial number if the engine is stamped with a serial number.

If you cannot prove the engine to be a complete EuDM engine you may use the intake but must pay points for the intake as well as any other parts that are not from an OEM USDM engine.

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