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2022-12-31 - Engine Swap Components

When performing an engine swap what parts can be reused from the original engine?

For example a common ChampCar swap is to replace the 87-93 Mustang engine with a 96-01 Explorer engine. The desired parts are the short block, heads, and intake manifold.

What about the Mustang accessories, timing cover, pulleys, starter, and oil pan?
How about more functional items like the distributor, am I required to switch to the Explorer's distributor less ignition?
What about valve train components like the hydraulic lifter retainer tray, lifters, camshaft, valve springs?


When swapping an engine you must use the complete assembly.
The only things you can change for no points are only parts to make it fit with documentation as to why the engine would not fit without the part change.
Example, oil pan if it clears the crossmember and fits you have to use the stock to your swap engine pan, if it will not you can use another pan.
Example, You can change front covers and pulleys to accommodate the accessories but no aftermarket without point add.

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